Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weird DNS Issues With Windows 7

My notebook no longer resolves domain names, preventing me from using the Internet.  (I am posting from my wife's computer.)  I tried ipconfig /flushdns, but that didn't fix it,  Suggestions?


  1. Is it even getting an IP address? What does ipconfig show? Do the gateway IP address & DNS IPs match what's on the wife's PC?

  2. Is it possible that your notebook is trying to use a non-existent proxy server? I had that problem with my laptop (Windows 8.1) and had to keep going into internet options and uncheck "use proxy server". It hasn't done that in a while.

    Hope that helps.

  3. I have an HP laptop with Windows 7 on it that seems to have trouble getting DNS info from WIFI routers.

    I think there is a bug in the driver.

    Using the Windows diagnose function seems to tear down the device setup and restart it sufficient to get the driver to pull DNS info down and restore function.

  4. 1) Did you hard-code the DNS server? or are you getting one from a DHCP server somewhere? If the one you're getting from the DHCP server isn't working try putting these in:
    (Those are from opendns.com)

    If that doesn't work figure out what DNS server your wife's computer is using and put that in.

  5. I try to avoid Windows (I switched to OSX a couple of years ago), so I'm a bit out of practice, but...

    Make sure you get the latest DNS from your router - rebooting should do it (I imagine you already tried that).

    Make sure your router has a decent DNS that it is serving up for DHCP - rebooting it might help - then reboot the affected computer.

    You might also try manually setting the DNS on your Windows machine to OpenDNS (opendns.com) :

  6. Improved typing--is this a sign of recovery?