Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Volcanos and Global Warming

The September 29, 2014 Washington Post has this article about a recently published paper that indicates  changes in Earth's rotational period (length of day) may cause increases in volcanic eruptions.and suggests a connection to our ice ages.  No surprise, eruptions throw a lot of greenhouse gases into the air.  Of course, the article has to end with the obligatory global warming hysteria:
The link between climate change and volcanism is still poorly understood. Many volcanoes do not seem to have been affected by it. Nor is it a particularly pressing concern today, even though we face an ice-free future. It can take thousands of years after the glaciers melt for volcanic activity to rise.

Yet while it may not be an immediate hazard, this strange effect is a reminder that our planet can respond to change in unforeseen ways. Contrary to their brutish reputation, volcanoes are helping scientists understand just how sensitive our planet can be.
 The link "is still poorly understood.:"  So impoverish much of the world.

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