Thursday, October 30, 2014

Airsoft Guns

They are so cheap on that I am suspicious.  The spring ones have to be cocked by hand for each shot.  Are they more durable than the Co2 ones?


  1. While it is hard to be accurate about a diverse group of products, generally no, they are not. Cheap cr*p is cheap cr*p.

    I've got a KWA Glock 19 that I've had since...2005 or 6. It has been through a couple "force on force" classes, and I can do pushups on it.

    Then again, it depends on what...Oh, is this for not-currying the goat? Yeah, if that's your only goal for it you might get enough use out of it.

  2. Personally, I have a replica Mauser Broomhandle that uses "Green Gas" which is basically unscented propane, and I got an adapter to use regular propane in it.

    However, that will leak over time. If you want something that is ready at any time, they have electric guns, which are typically spring guns with an electric motor for cocking them.

  3. The cheap ones don't usually shoot straight. I went through an airsoft phase in college and you pretty much get what you pay for. If you get a pistol, the gas is actually pretty nice for follow up shots. If you're willing to spend a little more, they make fully automatic rifles that would make the goats run.

  4. Airsoft Guns. They are so cheap on that I am suspicious. The spring ones have to be cocked by hand for each shot. Are they more ...