Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prozac Ten Days On

I was warned that Prozac unlike Ativan, is not a happy pill, and that is an accurate description.  By now, I should have the whole benefit, ad the depression isn't gone, just lightened a good bit.  I am writing my next Shotgun News article, and it is definitely a mental challenge, but it is coming along, one paragraph at a time.


  1. Hmmm, in normal depression you might expect to see continued improvement; for example, the drug and a key metabolite have very long half-lifes, and a steady state isn't reached for 4-5 weeks.

    But of course your situation isn't the same, although per a paper I just read, some of the causes can be "normal". Obviously being less functional isn't going to do your mood any good.

    Along those lines, I strongly recommend trying out Cognitive Therapy (now Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) at some point if this problem persists. The thesis, in simplest form, is that if you think bad thoughts about yourself you can think yourself into clinical depression. I found it to be very useful in the '80s, and in 20/20 hindsight talking therapy after I learned and applied it stopped doing me any good.

    Of course, in your case, many of your "bad thoughts" are a lot more realistic than the standard "silly" ones. But it's probably worth a try. Feeling Good is the standard popular book to get started with; I always keep a spare copy to hand to someone who needs it.

  2. I have a number of relatives that have tried Prozac for depression. The range of the prescribed amounts varies considerably, both for family and others I have heard about. I was told about one female patient using 0.1mg/day, and others to as high as 120mg/day. 40-80 seems to be the common range, from what I have heard.

    Biggest side-effect complaint is sexual function, and IIRC, this affects perhaps 1/3 of users.

    One side-effect seems to be regulating blood sugar levels. I have a suspicion that this might be part of it's benefit, but it has not been studied, AFAIK.

    BTW, stay FAR away from Effexor, especially after a stroke. Don't let anyone try to talk you into using it.