Tuesday, October 14, 2014

H1B Visas Again

But i n this case, importing teachers to teach Turkish.  How many native speakers of Turkish are there in America.

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  1. Not just to teach Turkish.

    This is an old story to me. Fethullah Gülen, mentioned in the story, is the head of a quasi-religious "movement" with a wide following in Turkey, and much influence in other countries.

    Gülen is an imam, but doesn't apppear to be an Islamist or jihadist. His preaching is relatively bland. His followers have a loose network of foundations and corporations with no clear lines of authority. They control billions of dollars, and some are quite wealthy themselves.

    Gülen was run out of Turkey 16 years ago by the then-secularist government, and has lived in the U.S. ever since. Gülenists were allies of the quasi-Islamist AK Party now in power, but recently have been at odds with AK.

    The main thing is that the Gülenist movement has been using charter schools as a cash cow and job shop for many years, through several different front groups. AFAIK there is no Moslem preaching going on.

    They operate the Chicago Math and Science Academy, which is six blocks from my apartment.

    Are they sleazy? Apparently. Are they dangerous? Not that I can tell.