Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fear of Ebola Is Racism

From October 16, 2014 Guardian:

The problem with the west's Ebola response is still fear of a black patient

Ebola is now a stand-in for any combination of ‘African-ness’, ‘blackness’, ‘foreign-ness’ and ‘infestation’ – poised to ruin the perceived purity of western borders and bodies

Ebola now functions in popular discourse as a not-so-subtle, almost completely rhetorical stand-in for any combination of “African-ness”, “blackness”, “foreign-ness” and “infestation” – a nebulous but powerful threat, poised to ruin the perceived purity of western borders and bodies. Dead African bodies are the nameless placeholders for (unwarranted, racist) “panic”, a conversation topic too heavy for the dinner table yet light enough for supermarket aisles.
tThe author of course is an American.

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  1. Everything with Obama and his "worshippers" is considered racism. Any criticism (100% legitimate) is declared by them to be racist as that is all they have. No valid or constructive responses or solutions. No taking of responsibility or even trying to improve and do better.

    What an epic failure Obama is. Since I'm white of course I must be racist, but if I were black I think I would be extremely angry, embarrassed and disgusted with this "affirmative action" president (of course I am as a white person feeling that way but I digress). Like when we see a Klansmen or Nazi come on TV and rant and rave and feel as a white person that such an idiot "represents" us.

    Obviously these supporters are so blind and likely racist themselves that they don't see this contradiction or irony.

    Back to hoping the D's lose big time this November... If nothing else it would mean Obama will have to spend all his time the next two years with a red "V" stamp opposing the legislation the Republican Congress will be sending him starting next year that he will Veto since it doesn't conform to the Marxist Utopia/Progressive Paradise agenda BO has. That would also mean he wouldn't have time to go play golf and go on vacation. Doesn't that sound racist? HA!