Friday, October 31, 2014

Feeling Less Depressed

I might even ask approval to return to work part-time.  It does not seem anyone at Social Security has a clue where my application is going, and trying to work should be a positive.


  1. Unless things have drastically changed, and the main change I've heard of is massive increases in applications due to the Great Recession and aging population, the SSA is a black box that will, someday, render decisions, with little relationship to reality.

    I already mentioned my incoherent denial, which resulted in an almost automatic reversal by the administrative law judge, and that just because you have clear cut disabling organic damage doesn't mean they'll make the right initial decision.

    The initial payment resulting from my much delayed approval included a deduction for Medicare for a several month period before I was actually able to use it, and my appeal of that was denied, again without making much sense.

    So ... as I understand it, going back to work would zap your current application, but if it turns out your can't do it, you could start another. If and when you do get disability, they also have a program where you can work on a trial basis without it automatically ending.

    Of course, if you're capable, and it's great to hear your steady (enough) progress, by all means go for it. My inability to work does nothing good for my mood and anxiety, and it took me several years to admit to myself that I was truly disabled.

    I might say "wait a bit to see if the mood elevation is sustainable", but of course working will likely make a big difference there.

    Good luck!

  2. Bureaucrats are notoriously slow. Now if you were a Lesbian, trans-gender, african-american they would probably expedite the claim.

    My Dad back in the late 1980's had a claim. With my help we typed up a letter to our Congressman and the next thing we knew it was processed and approved. His people called and asked SS about it. Just an idea....

    BTW, the Congressman was Robert K. "B1 Bob" Dornan! Used to live a mile or so away from his local office which was in an office tower just down from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. Boy has that county and district changed for the worse.

  3. You may want to consult an attorney to see possible effects of working--it could torpedo a disability app.