Sunday, October 26, 2014

An Encouraging Sign

I can now not only open and close my right hand most of the way, I can move my right hand up and down at the wrist.  Still not typing with the right hand.

A couple of people at church independently have told me of visions they have had of me completely recovering, which with 75 cents should buy a cup of coffee.  It's still encouraging!

My wife has been working vigorously on massage of my arm and doing our home physical therapy exercises.  What a wonderful wife I am blessed with!


  1. Where are you finding $.75 cups of coffee, even in semi-rural Idaho?

  2. I'm willing to bet she feels the same way!

    Prayers for your continued recovery!

  3. Where the heck are you getting coffee for 75 cents?!


  4. Okay, it's just an expression, but I think coffee is still only 0.75 at the Corner Cafe in Horseshoe Bend.