Monday, October 20, 2014

I Sure Hope Sen, Warren Is Telling The Truth

From the October 18, 2014 Washington Post:
NORTHFIELD, Minn. — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) brought her populist message Saturday to this small college town to rev up the final weeks of Sen. Al Franken's reelection campaign, but also to claim the mantle of the modern liberal movement's political godfather.
"The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it," Warren said to loud cheers.
I have seen no sign that national Republicans even understand that there is a "game" here, much less that they have rigged it.  I love too see progressives in a panic.Barbra Streisand is panicking as well.  I see that one of Obama's rare campaign events had people walking out early.  I would like to think Democrats are seeing throuigh the facade, but it might be progressive Demos upset that he isn't backing ISIS.

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  1. Barbara Streisand? Hey Clayton, 2002 called -- it wants its punchlines back.