Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Inflicting Pain on Goats

Some neighnors have some goats which have been getting ,y wife's flower gardens.  She would like to inflict pain but not permanent injury to encourage them to her garden alone.  She has a slingshot, but wants something with more range and accuracy.  Note: goat curry is not the right answer.


  1. I wonder if an airsoft rifle would sting, but not really injure? I have never fired one, nor been hit by a pellet, but I think they are a type of hard plastic.

  2. shoot them in the backside with a BB gun. The old Daisy would be be just about right.

  3. Paintball gun? I've been hit and it stings quite a bit. The paint would also help identify offending goat to your neighbor.

  4. Goat curry is always the right answer.

    I'm now surfing Indian recipes that include goat. I'm so hungry right now.

  5. Daisy BB gun is the correct answer. It stings pretty well, but does not cause permanent injury.

    I would be more worried about permanent injury from a good slingshot!

  6. You may want to try what I use to keep cats away. Apparently goats have sensitive noses.
    Mix a big jar of white pepper with a big jar of cayenne pepper and spread at their intended targets. It is cheap, it won't hurt the plants and post the funny videos of goats sneezing their heads off.

  7. Aren't your nearest neighbors some distance away so these goats are wandering a fairly large distance? So the neighbors just have the goats free ranging on their property (and off into yours)?

    Using google I see various ideas. For example,

    Shooting them even with an air gun could present problems (risk of more serious injury if it should hit the eye or richochet, etc), not to mention unless you see them all the time they may just come back or do damage before you even know it. BB's might not be too powerful unless close enough range with CO2 or compressed air. Pellet would work better but obviously greater risk of more serious injury than BB's.

    One of the motion detecting noise makers or sprinklers might be a better option. Better fencing maybe.

    How about a large dog provided of course it is not one that is not brave and not a real guard dog personality. Most large guard dog breeds work well. Maybe a herding dog!

    What do the neighbors say? Are they not aware or do they just not give a shit? Have they tried to stop if from happening and remedy the damage?

    I know one person who got tired of his neighbors letting their dog run wild killing his chickens that he shot, shoveled and denied knowing why fido was never seen again. Of course that was in the country and risk serious charges in many jurisdictions. I'd hate to do that (if only the law would let us shoot people instead in those cases since it is also their responsibility).

  8. Airsoft, it's hard enough to be painful 300-400 fps, 12-20 grams, (Do the math) but not hard enough to penetrate or cause injury.

    I've used it to chase certain animals out of my garden (a PIR Motion detector connected to a beeper in my house alerts me) and a number of them have gotten the message.

  9. Paintball or Airsoft.
    The paintball would be if there would be no problem if the goats owners did not mind the paint.
    The paintball gun firing is usually pretty noisy though.
    The Airsoft if there might be a problem with the goat owners.
    No head shots with either as both can damage eyes.
    A frozen paintball will really raise a welt.
    Both paintballs and airsoft pellets can be had in biodegradable form.

  10. Shoot the neighbors with the slingshot. That will encourage them to keep their goats penned. Pour encourage les autres, eh?

  11. Paint ball gun. Let's the owner know that they have been baaaaad goats

  12. Airsoft isn't powerful enough to hurt a goat. Might want to get an old pump pellet gun that only shoots 600 FPS. The new ones would probably do some serious damage depending on how big the goats are.

  13. I'm with Gladorn; goat curry might really be the answer, if not for quibbles about "property rights" and such.

    I'd think the paintball gun, with rubber balls rather than paint capsules.

    No lasting damage to the goat (assuming you can miss the head), no annoying paint, no fuss.

  14. Please post updates on how this works out.

  15. My brother used the motion sensor / sprinkler option to chase coyotes away from his yard. I would think it would be effect with goats also.

  16. Electric fence. Don't just plug the wire into an outlet, use an electric fence charger. Your wife will not forget to turn it off after the first forgetfulness.

    Do a quick search for "electric fence charger"; they're available in both 120VAC and battery power. The fence itself is quite inexpensive and easy to erect.

    An outfit like Tractor Supply Co. will have the stuff in stock.

  17. You can find rubber buckshot for shotguns at gun shows. Might want to test it out on a bit of sheetrock at the appropriate range first of course.