Sunday, October 19, 2014

Huhnting For The One-Armed Man

Those of us old enough to remember The Fugitive TV series will remember that Dr. Kimble blamed a one-armed man for the murder of his wife.  As an effective one-armed man at the moment, I can see why this was regarded as a lousy claim.  There are so many things you can't do with only one working hand: tying shoelaces (I now have elastic shoelaces), buttoning and zipping pants, getting the top shirt button identified and buttoned.  Even opening a tightly sealed bottle of Coke requires some assistance,  Put the bottle in a drawer and close it on the bottom, then unscrew the lid.


  1. Do you remember that the actor who played the one-armed man was actually one-armed? See

  2. On the positive side, the typos seem to be subsiding.

    Just keep working on it, no matter how hard, because if you stop, that's where you get stuck.

  3. Having had a disabled wing on occasion (and being left handed) there are many things.
    Most not for public consumption, involving hygiene.