Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Encouraging Signs For Other Patients From the Rehab Ward

At outpatient therapy yesterday, I ran into two patients who had been in the rehab ward at the same time as me.  On was an older lady who suffered some cognitive losses: she still had no idea what 5+7=.  It makes me appreciate how lucky I was.  She is still having some cooking catastrophes, like failing to remove the giblets and neck from a turkey before cooking it, and forgetting to boil the noodles when making tuna casserole. 

Another was a teenager who had been in a traffic accident, and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  When he was on the rehab ward, he was having trouble talking.   All he could was moan and groan to express disapproval.  Now he is walking and talking.  He isn't out of the woods yet, because he is back in school, but what an improvement over the last time I saw him!

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