Saturday, October 18, 2014

$32,000 A Plate Fundraiser Event: Which Party?

From the October 8, 2014 Connecticut Post:
GREENWICH -- On the same polo field where Britain's Prince Harry played the Sport of Kings during a goodwill tour of the U.S., President Barack Obama helicoptered to Connecticut's Gold Coast on Tuesday on Marine One for a VIP fundraising dinner to help Senate Democrats try to protect their slim majority in the midterm elections.

Kicking up a cloud of dust on the manicured grounds of the Greenwich Polo Club, the fundraiser-in-chief visited the sprawling Conyers Farm estate of Richard and Ellen Schapps Richman for an intimate gathering of Democratic high-rollers.

Some forked over as much as $32,400 -- the maximum contribution allowed under federal law -- to be part of the president's exclusive supper club benefitting the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.
If the Republican Party had any sense, they would be running as showing how the billionaires are protecting their own.  But the Republican Party prefers to let Democrats play the class envy game.

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