Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Buck Stops Here

That was the sign on President Truman's Oval Office desk.  Gov. Christie (not one of m favorite politicians) is calling Obama out for saying "they" (the intelligence agencies) didn't give enough warning that ISIS was dangerous.  They  work for you, Obama.,  If they aren't doing their jobs well, fire them.

I was also surprised to see a former associate of Michael Moore talking about how Islam is dangerous, describing how hate-filled the Koran is.  While to emphasize that most Muslims are not a problem, he pointed out that many of the world's Muslims are illiterate, an their knowledge of Islam is pretty shallow.  The Muslim-in-Chief, in an interview a few days ago kept saying that Islam is the religion of peace.  Actually, as this Islam-sympathetic web site points out:
Islam is derived from the Arabic root "Salema": peace, purity, submission and obedience. In the religious sense, Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to His law
Submission to God will certainly bring peace, but submission to Islam is slavery.  I wish Obama wasn't so ignorant.

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  1. The solution to the Islamic threat is obvious, but it will take many more dead Americans to bring us to see it. we need to amend the Constitution to define Islam as a prohibited social movement and death cult, expel all foreign Muslims, and severely limit the rights of citizen Muslims. a serious eradication campaign will be necessary. remember, rubble makes no trouble.