Saturday, October 4, 2014

Brain-Fog & Neurontin

One of the drugs that I was on in the hospital and that I am still taking is Neurontin for nerve pain.  I have noticed that eve after a couple nights of very good sleep,  I still suffer brain-fog.  Many years ago, I briefly took lithium in the hopes it would alleviate some of the physical symptoms of bipolar disorder (various muscle ache problems).  At the time I noticedd that it produced a similar brain-fog, rather like losing 40 IQ points.  Within a day of starting it, I found that I could enjoy situation comedies, instead of finding them stupid and obvious.  The next day I found myself watching TV commercials and finding the pitches persuasive.  Had I stayed on it I might have started voting Democrat.

I dare not go off the Neurontin out of fear of the pain, but feeling stupid all the time is a bit much.  I fully understand why med compliance for bipolars is so difficult.  All the creativity and energy goes away.


  1. Check the dose with your doctor, Clayton. Some docs seem to prescribe rather heavy doses compared to actual need. I now take 1/3 the does my doctor originally prescribed.

  2. Clayton, your jab at the Democrats made my day! (And gave me a reassurance that your "brain fog" isn't chronic! Most excellent!)

    AJ Balukoff is a personal friend of mine, and I know him to be a man of integrity. (And... I'm definitely suffering from "Otter Fatigue.") Who DOESN'T want better schools, however? I wish Balukoff would get more specific on where he thinks he can get million$ more to pour into Idaho education. And, I can't help but worry that his decision to run "as a democrat" might end up being his albatross. I'm also troubled by his refusal to fill out the NRA's questionnaire - there are lots of NRA members in Idaho - both parties.

    I wish you the very best in your ongoing recuperation, and hope your medical professionals can get you dialed in. Thanks for continuing to share some of your thoughts.