Friday, October 17, 2014

Talked To My Cardiologist Today

It was a meeting full of good news.  I have been concerned that the state of my cardiac arteries might not portend a long future, but when my cardiologist did the angioplasty on the LAD artery, he inspected all the rest and indicated that while some arteries had atherosclerosis, none of it was terribly severe and I should expect a number more years provided I worked on diet and exercise.  He a;so told me that my post-stroke condition was actua;;y quite good, compared to that of many that he has seen.  Now, if I could just rise above the remaining depression.  It also turns that the nausea I was first experiencing from Brilanta is typical, and that Plavix, the alternative does not play well with Prozac, and does not work as well as Brilinta.

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  1. That is good news Clayton as Lisa and I are still hoping to visit you some time.