Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Real War on Women

The headline explains that 122 girls and three teachers were poisoned.  This is a genuine "War on Women," so the largely liberal news media give it little attention:
Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- More than 120 girls and three teachers were admitted to an Afghanistan hospital Wednesday after being poisoned in their classes with a type of spray, a Takhar provincial official said.
The incident occurred in the provincial capital of Talokhan, in the Bibi Hajera girls school, said Dr. Hafizullah Safi, director of public health for the northern Afghanistan province.
Forty of the 122 girls were still hospitalized, he said, with symptoms including dizziness, vomiting, headaches and loss of consciousness.
The articles explains that there have been other such incidents in Afghanistan, part of the Taliban's efforts to shut down schools that educate girls.  I understand the widespread desire to withdraw from Afghanistan, because it isn't really our problem.  But the prospect of allowing monsters like the Taliban to end up back in control is horrifying.

And yes, liberals who keep calling Republicans "American Taliban" really need to look at what the Taliban do, and stop pretending that there is a similarity.

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