Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brett Kimberlin

My friend Stacy McCain has been forced to move himself and family out of Maryland temporarily.  Why?  There is a leftist agitator named Brett Kimberlin who is a convicted terrorist and drug dealer.  (He set off a series of bombs in Speedway, Indiana in 1978, causing death and mayhem, in an apparent attempt to distract police from an investigation into the murder of a woman who was, at least according to one of Kimberlin's former journalist fans, trying to protect her preteen granddaughter from Kimberlin's unhealthy interest.)  From the civil case against Kimberlin by injured parties:
The facts most favorable to the judgment are that on September 6, 1978, Sandra and Carl were injured by an explosion which occurred at Speedway High School in Speedway, Indiana. The DeLongs were walking through the parking lot after leaving a football game. The explosive device was concealed in an abandoned gym bag. The bomb exploded as the DeLongs walked passed it. Carl and Sandra were seriously injured in the blast. Carl's right leg was nearly severed from the explosion. Physicians eventually amputated such leg above the knee; and a skin graft was performed and Carl was fitted with an artificial leg. Carl also was treated for a perforated eardrum. After Carl's wounds healed, he received physical therapy and learned how to walk with an artificial limb. While Carl's recovery proceeded remarkably well, pieces of shrapnel eventually worked their way to the surface of his skin. The shrapnel had to be surgically removed on a continuing basis. Carl also suffered from a pre-existing back injury which may have been aggravated by the use of the artificial limb.
Sometime in 1982, Carl became depressed. He had Vietnam "flashbacks," and resented wearing the artificial limb. On several occasions, Carl removed the limb, beat it on the ground, and told others that he hated it. He withdrew from his family, began drinking heavily, and marital difficulties developed with Sandra. On February 23, 1983, Carl committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in his car. Carl left suicide notes to several members of his family.
Sandra's injuries were not as extensive as Carl's. A piece of shrapnel from the explosion severed an artery in her leg which caused injury and considerable pain. Sandra had surgery, and she spent almost two weeks in the hospital. She had physical therapy, and in January of 1979, Sandra walked without a limp and the pain had diminished; however, she still experienced some pain and numbness in her foot.
On February 28, 1979, a federal grand jury indicted Kimberlin for crimes including causing the explosion, for damaging property, and for injuring the DeLongs. Kimberlin was convicted on all counts.[Kimberlin v. DeLong, 613 NE 2d 46 (Ind. App.2d 1993)]
Kimberlin at one point claimed to have sold marijuana to former VP Dan Quayle--and even though even his supporters later figured out that Kimberlin (first convicted of perjury at age 18) was lying, everyone wanted to believe it, because it fit their model that all conservatives are hypocrites.
Kimberlin, unfortunately, seems to have powerful friends, because he runs a leftist non-profit called the Justice Through Music Project.  There is quite a list of leftist foundations and groups that have given money to this convicted perjurer, conman, drug dealer, and terrorist.  Progressives have never had a problem with criminals killing innocent people.

Kimberlin tried to frame a blogger who is a lawyer, alleging that he was attacked by this lawyer in a courthouse.  Problem: there was surveillance video of the incident, destroying his attempt to get the lawyer prosecuted.  Unfortunately, Maryland authorities were apparently not very interested in pursuing Kimberlin for making what would appear to be a false police report.  Perhaps it helps to be part of the progressive elite.

UPDATE: I see the Schwab Charitable Fund and Fidelity Investments have both contributed money to this convicted terrorist's operation.  I've written an email to Schwab Charitable Fund about this.

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