Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Trayvon Martin Autopsy Data

I'm not thrilled at how stuff is leaking out, but better than leaving Zimmerman twisting in the wind.  From May 17, 2012 ABC News:

The autopsy report shows traces of the drug THC, which is found in marijuana, in Martin's blood and urine.
The autopsy also shows that Zimmerman shot Martin from a distance of between 1 inch and 18 inches away, bolstering Zimmerman's claim that he shot Martin during a struggle that landed Zimmerman on his back, Martin straddling him and banging Zimmerman's head on the ground.
You will recall that Zimmerman had said on the 911 tapes that Martin was acting in a way that suggested that he was on drugs.  It doesn't say how much THC, and I know that it can persist for a long time.  But Zimmerman's claims about what happened are getting increasingly corroborated.


  1. This story brings to mind something I was told in a Concealed Carry class by the retired police officer who taught it: If you ever have to shoot someone, tell the truth and don't mess with the evidence. When they are all done the forensics guys will know more about what happened than you do.

  2. The AP's report on this new evidence states:

    "The evidence supports Zimmerman's contention that he was being beat up when he fired the fatal shot. At the same time, it bolsters the argument of Martin's parents that Zimmerman was profiling Martin and that the whole confrontation could have been avoided if not for Zimmerman's actions."

    How the evidence supports claims of profiling baffles me.

  3. These are not leaks. A tranche of evidence was released last week, including the autopsy, which shows a low level of THC consistent with recent use but not intoxication.