Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quoted in The May Issue of Reason

Concerning the expanding gun industry.  I keep hoping that Ruger or S&W will reward me for my hard work by sending one of their .22 pistols to a local gun dealer for me.


  1. Excellent, and they didn't quote you out of context! (or did they?;))
    The comment about Locavorism and artisanal crafts reminds me that 35 years ago someone said that in the future hobbies would include sort of "gentlemen's factories", like a generation or two ago there were "gentlemen's farms", that people's hobbies tend to imitate what were, a generation or two ago, skills actually needed for survival. Our fathers' generation had wood working tools in the garage and made furniture. Now we make beer, wine, cheese, vinegar, and thanks to cheap computers and NC machines, custom machinery such as fine guns.

  2. I felt completely fairly and accurately quoted. I can't recall ever be quoted inaccurately, except by the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, who actually made up something that I did not say at a city council meeting. Nor would they retract it, or admit that there was a difference of opinion about what I said. I'm sure the reporter just couldn't admit that an opponent of Saturday Night Special bans agreed that laws disarming felons were a good thing.