Saturday, May 26, 2012

West Memphis, Arkansas: Are There Purchase Permits For Handguns There?

A news report quotes witnesses that the shooter "had a gun and a permit for it."  I find myself wondering: would you have perhaps waved this around?  Some cities have purchase permit requirements to buy a gun.  Is this perhaps the case in West Memphis, Arkansas?  Other news accounts make no mention of a permit.

UPDATE: It appears that there are no local permits of any sort in Arkansas.


  1. Note that until very recently as one of the last vestiges of our KKK gun control regime Missouri required a permit from your sheriff to purchase a handgun; can't remember if that went beyond retail purchases, no one bothered with it for person to person sales.

    North Carolina had or still has one of those, it came up very recently as I remember.

  2. I checkout AR gun laws via Google it appears to be a "shall issue" state. I suspect that the permit may be CCW permit.

  3. When I hear such a statement, unless something strongly indicates a different reading, I assume either (a) the person just means a concealed carry permit, or (b) the person is originally from NY or MA or some other such unAmerican place.

  4. Missouri's 'Permit To Acquire' went away August 28, 2008 (new laws normally take effect 08/28)

  5. Add Michigan to the list of states requiring a permit to purchase a handgun. A shall issue state but at least somewhat fascist, I'd say, after skimming the legislature's 280 page bundle of firearms law material (70 of those are Attorney General's opinions and it has pretty much everything including sentencing guidelines, hunting stuff, explosives stuff, etc.).

    Glad I don't live there.