Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seat Surgery

Even with the replacement part installed, the seat still leans a bit to the left.  I believe that the problem is the original seat bolsters, where were sliced open by the seat frame, are still too split on the left side.  The instructions said to use the upholstery glue to bring the split pieces together.  Once I reopened the patient, I could see that I had not managed to accomplish, so the additional foam ended up filling in the crevasse, instead of pushing it up.  The solution is to reglue the split bolster, and use clamps to make sure that it stays this time.  (I am waiting for the glue to set, while blogging.)  I am also half-tempted to put a thin sheet of aluminum over the sharp part of the seat frame (on both sides), so that there will be no sharp edges to reslice the bolster or the new foam blocks.  I can bend the sheet so that locks on both sides.

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