Thursday, May 31, 2012


A social worker tells me of a young man complaining about prejudice against Hispanics preventing him from getting a job--right after showing off his new forehead tattoo (large enough to take up the entire forehead) showing his gang affiliation.


  1. You would think the shortage of under 30 kids without "tats" and body piercings would help those of us over 40 get a job, but unfortunately not....

    Did you ever notice the kids with tats and piercings out at HP? You might not have unless you burnt the midnight oil. I saw them when I had to stay into the early AM or overnight when up against deadlines. I think they were all either overnight testers (probably duration paper changers) or doing custodial work wheeling bins around the floors.

    One guy in particular is one I can't forget. He looked like a combination of Rod Steiger in The Illustrated Man (1969 movie) and Queequeg in Moby Dick (1956 movie)!

    Perhaps I was just working too many hours and staring at monitors of code for too long. Fun at HP.

  2. Why would it help us? Hiring a bunch of pierced and tattooed freaks makes a manager feel edgy and with-it.

  3. Do you think showing up looking like Queequeg for a job interview at one of the Boise web companies might give one a leg up (pun intended) in getting hired? Cannibal coders!