Monday, May 14, 2012

Needed: Every "Blood Will Run In The Streets" Quote You Can Find...

I have been asked to help write an amicus brief challenging a state discretionary permit issuance.  In state after state, as shall-issue laws have worked their way through the legislative process, opponents of shall-issue have repeatedly stated that "blood with run in the streets" "It will be like the Wild West" and similar claims.

When the first states adopted shall-issue, you could make the case that this was at least a plausible possibility.  But even when Wisconsin was debating shall-issue, the opponents were still making these claims, pretending not to know that the experiment had been tried--and the results have been astonishingly humdrum.

I need every example that you can find where opponents of shall-issue laws claimed that there would be murder, mayhem, increases in road rage arguments escalating to gunplay, and so on, that you can find.  If it is in a published source that is online, all the better.  If it is something that you find on Nexis, send me the citation, and I will dig it out.

UPDATE: Thank you all.  I have enough.  Now: can you provide me with lists of opponents who changed sides after the law worked?  At least one of the items already posted was Tom Skoch's editorial here, and it is gratifying to see someone prepared to admit that they were wrong, and why.  There are also quotes from Harris County D.A. John B. Holmes and Dallas police union president Glenn White, admitting that they were wrong about this, and it worked out just fine.  Can anyone else find some examples of people who claimed that this was going to be a disaster, and then admit that they were wrong?




    A list.

  3. Clayton, and here I thought you were technically savy. :-)

    Modify the search terms a bit to perhaps get more interesting results.


    Even after shall-issue has been in place for decades in Florida, they are still claiming it will be like the "wild west" if we don't temporarily and locally ban concealed carry.


  6. First set

    Faith in loaded guns makes life more perilous

    Check your gun at the door

    Pistol-packin' population: supporters of right-to-carry laws say the measures allow honest citizens to protect themselves in a dangerous society

    Victim's sister opposes concealed weapons

    Missouri Voters Refuse To Toss Out Ban On Concealed Guns

  7. Second set

    NRA money influences police on concealed-weapons Prop;col1

    Ohio Troopers Coalition Opposes Carry and Conceal Legislation,

    Missouri media have explained how the state legislature voided the will of the people by passing a concealed weapons bill;col1

  8. Joe: I could do a search myself, but I figured that many of you would have a stack of articles that I might not find.

  9. -- halfway down.

  10. University ZOMGodness:

    Wow, this is a diahrrea of mis-information:

    Fantasyland. In case you didn't know (and I didn't) conceal carry causes racism and an "arms race." I guess the CC cold war is about to start.

    This is one of those "lots of numbers, but no true statistics" stories. Oh, from NYT, so why am I surprised?

  11. A state legislator in Ohio(?) voted against concealed carry legislation, but it passed anyway.

    He was mugged in front of his house, and got a concealed carry permit.

    I can't remember his name.