Sunday, May 13, 2012

Disgusting. Horrifying.

"Trayvon Martin targets": From the May 13, 2012 Guardian:

Shooting targets depicting an apparent likeness to Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black youth shot dead by a self-appointed neighbourhood watchman in Florida, have been sold online, sparking outrage across the US.
The paper silhouettes depict an outline of a hooded man holding skittles and a can of iced tea – the same items that 17-year-old Martin was carrying on the day he was killed in February, an event that led to widespread demonstrations.
The shooting accessory, reportedly sold on the, has since been removed from the website, but not before being roundly condemned as a tasteless attempt to profit from the high-profile tragedy. Jay Zwitter, a sales representative for, told Reuters that the Trayvon target ad was removed as soon as it came to the company's attention.
In a disgusting, horrible, moneygrubbing sort of way, I suppose that this might qualify as clever marketing.  If I ran a gun range, and someone started putting these up on a target holder, they would be informed that they were not welcome in my range.

All the evidence suggests that Zimmerman was in the right, at least by the time he was on his back, under physical assault.  Everything so far suggests that at best, Martin responded inappropriately to being followed.  But this is completely unacceptable.


  1. It would be interesting if they can track down the source of these targets and see if they're real or just vaporware for the purpose of garnering attention.

    I half suspect it i an anti trying to manufacture a political controversy rather than some racist scumbag trying to make a buck.

  2. They were able to track it down. And the creator is a supporter of Zimmerman. There are people with absolutely no sense of shame or wisdom, and they aren't all progressives.

  3. They probably had to take it down as a violation of Momma Martin's Trademark on her son's likeness.

  4. No leftist would blanch at similar, nor should we. We're going to be called racists no matter what we do. No human is actually hurt by using targets like this, and it just might put some fear into criminals. We've got to harden our hearts to criticism - learn to play the game to win or get out.

  5. I think we should aim a bit higher on the decency scale than the left.

    I rather doubt that many criminals genuinely expect to get shot while plying their trade, or they wouldn't be doing it, except in victim disarmament zones.