Monday, May 28, 2012

Tendonitis Problems Again

Limited (or perhaps no) blogging the next few days.  The combination of my real job and trying to get stuff done for the cause after hours has flared up tendonitis in my arm again.  I so envy people who are allowed to do the important stuff for a living, like Brett Kimberlin.  But then again, they demonstrate their moral superiority by bombing people, and getting people fired from their jobs.

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  1. Have you researched magnesium deficiency ? I have chronic tendonitis and am now on the paleo diet and taking a bunch if magnesium, fish oil, MSM condroiton, and VIT D.

    Gluten sensitivity can also cause inflammation. look up celiac disease and chronic tendonitis. It could be that you have leaky gut and it is causing systemic inflammation.