Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awesome Video

Produced by a group called Catholics Called to Witness.  I can't imagine the Catholic Church officially putting together a piece like this, demanding that Catholics actually vote in accordance with the principles of the Church, but I can hope!

If so, this could be a game-changer, since Catholics have historically been reliable votes for pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Democrats.

Now, if evangelicals could put something this hard hitting for their confused flock.


  1. White Catholics voted for McCain.

  2. White Catholics voted for McCain and generally vote Republican nowadays. It's the Hispanics that tilt the group as a whole to the democrats.

  3. Really! Could you give me a pointer to such a survey? I was under the impression that Catholics still predominantly voted Democratic. Perhaps Hispanic and black Catholics (of which there are more than most people realize) are tilting Catholic votes to the Democrats.

  4. My evidence is anecdotal, but as a non-catholic I have been very involved with a small catholic school that my kids attended for over a decade. We are so involved at the school that every year I run into people who are shocked when they find out my family isn't Catholic.

    Our small town is predominately conservative. Most of the teachers and administrators at the school are also conservative. The priests here have always avoided political issues from the pulpit. But in school council meetings an private conversations their vocal support has always been for democratic candidates. Their main reason for this is the usual democrat support of illegals which I think make up a significant portion of the Hispanic members of the parish. When I ask how they reconcile that support with those same politician's support of abortion? They usually respond that they have to fight their battles - one at a time. And their first priority has to be taking care of parishioners who are here right now.

    My usual response to this of "hypocrite" hasn't earned me a lot of friends in the clergy through out the years.

    The school principal has admitted that she feels conflicted because she can never find a candidate who is anti-abortion, pro-illegal immigrant and pro-second amendment.

    When I ask why she supports illegals, her usual response is "We would loose too many parish members without them." She does admit that their loss would not effect the school much because most of the illegals don't sent their kids to private school.

    I think the Catholics need more videos and teaching like this - to encourage them them to vote their core beliefs and not their current political expediency or their collection plates.

  5. Imperator3 is right, according to Gallup:


    Overall, Catholics split evenly between Obama and Romney.

  6. White Catholics voted for McCain and generally vote Republican nowadays. It's the Hispanics that tilt the group as a whole to the democrats.

    Catholicism is the dominant religion in my area. They are also dominant in some of the white and heavily Democratic districts if Philadelphia. That might be true elsewhere, but if it were true here, the suburbs would be bright red, and the City of Philadelphia quite purple. As it is the city is bright blue, and the suburbs purple.

    Significant oversight on the video... why are none of the presumably catholic people in this video wearing the crucifix? Granted, I'm one of those people that Catholicism just didn't take on, but I'm pretty sure if you identify as Catholic, you're still supposed to wear the crucifix.

  7. I should also add, when I note that the suburbs are purple, that's running GOP candidates who, generally speaking, aren't very strong social conservatives. They are pro-life, but often not strongly so. My current Congressman, in his first term (before he was unseated between 2006 and 2010 by a very liberal, very pro-gay marriage and pro-choice "catholic" Patrick Murphy) took a position favoring embryonic stem cell research, despite maintaining opposition to abortion.

    Not being a social conservative myself, I tend to agree with liberals on social issues, but I don't think people should kid themselves about where the Church stands on these issues.