Monday, May 21, 2012

What I Captured of the Eclipse Before My Battery Went Dead

All pictures taken at 200mm with a PRO Vari-ND filter.  Automatic exposure, but typically 1/500 or 1/350 of a second.  5:44:54 PM, shortly before the Moon started to cross:

At 5:46:57 PM, when the first signs appear at the 5:00 position on the Sun's disk:

At 5:47:24:

At 5:49:45:

At 5:54:58:

I took many pictures--as it turned out, too many pictures, thus preventing me from getting to totality with a battery adequately charged, so I'll keep skipping nearly identical frames:

At 6:00:25:

At 6:13:19 (about twenty minutes before totality):

It was truly awesome when the ring of fire appeared.

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