Monday, May 21, 2012


Do you remember Martian jokes from the 1970s?  There should be realtor jokes as well.  I have a good friend who is a very ethical realtor, and a very good person.  But "realtorese" is such an easy form of English at which to poke fun, isn't it?  Any time you find "Shoppe" or "Ye" or "Pointe" in a business or residential development, you know where it came from, don't you?

On our way to our friend's place in west-central Nevada, we were looking at real estate that could not be made any uglier by method known to man.  I thought of a new slogan for the state: "Nevada: The Hand Grenade Practice State."  Or perhaps, "Nevada: Where Nuclear Weapons Tests Only Enhance The State's Natural Beauty."

Then we saw this sign:

Now, remember in much of Nevada, the only sound that water usually makes is the mineral equivalent of screaming in agony.  And here's the development to which Singing Waters Court leads:

If this wasn't a realtor-inspired sign, there's no other explanation.

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  1. But..... that's the road to the public restroom situated on top of the hill.