Friday, May 25, 2012

Can Anyone Else Open This URL?

It looks like a server problem, but I really need this news story.


  1. It's a server issue on their end

  2. More info might help.

    I plugged the link into Google - sometimes you can go to the cached version if there is a problem at the site. But, Google only gave 3 results: 2 back to your site and 1 to a site that is linking you (brianlee).

    I went to the main site,, and did a search of the page source for the story number from your link (11185), but that came up empty. That tells me that your link is not appearing on their main page. Could be you are trying to go to an older story that isn't on the main page any more, or it could be that they have changed the link and the new link is sitting there waiting to be clicked.

    Where is the link supposed to go?

  3. Not clearing up by now.

    Here's a link to a related story:

  4. It looks like they redesigned their URLs and broke a lot of old links. The old story may still be reachable with a URL that looks something like:


  5. Looking at their site, it looks like they changed the format of their URL since that link was generated.

    Does searching for the headline on their site work?


  6. A couple of further thoughts:

    If you have the name of the reporter, you could contact them and ask for a copy.

    If you have the title/headline of the article, you can try a link like one of the following:[title-of-story]


    This is based on looking at some URL's for current stories.

    Best of luck!

  7. Thanks everyone. I have contacted one of the reporters, hoping she can send my email to their webmaster.