Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feral Humans

I read stuff like this, and my first assumption is: meth-induced paranoia.  From May 22, 2012 CBS Las Vegas:
MAGNA, Utah (AP) — A group of six is behind bars after police say they bound their 41-year-old roommate’s feet with tape, stapled his lips shut, and spent the night torturing him with a small power tool in their Utah home near Salt Lake City.
Police believe the suspects were suspicious about their new roommate, who told authorities he’d moved into the house in Magna a week and a half earlier and had agreed to remodel the basement in exchange for rent.
“One of the suspect’s claims over the last several weeks different people have pulled a gun on him in the street,” Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal said. “They believe (the victim) was responsible for it.”
Hoyal says six men and women held the roommate at gunpoint in their home starting late Saturday or early Sunday. They handcuffed him, put staples in his ears and chest, and used a Dremel tool to cut him, according to jail reports.
They released him at 4:00 AM after deciding that he wasn't responsible for the threats that they had been receiving.  I mean, assuming that the threats were real, and not just drug-induced hallucinations.

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