Monday, December 31, 2018

If You See Something, Say Something

12/31/18 KENS:

Armed man headed to 'fulfill prophecy' at church arrested in Seguin

 Seguin Police arrested a man Sunday morning they said was headed to a church dressed in tactical-style clothing carrying a loaded firearm and extra ammunition.
Someone noticed the odd behavior, dress, and gun , and called the police who took him into custody.


  1. At church Sunday, one of the ushers started acting strange. He seemed to be checking down each line of pews, like he was looking for something. Initially was confused as to what he was doing, but finally decided he was trying to get a rough head count for Sunday service. I only heard this morning of the threat and arrest. Probably concerned he was not alone and others were planning something for the last Sunday of the year. Particularly with this mention of a Prophecy??

  2. Seguin is (near) where I live. There are about a zillion Mexican restaurants around here and I haven't been to the one in the story, but I believe I will put it on the future lunch agenda.