Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Discover Card Fraud Gets Bigger

Today, I received an invoice from FedEx for $258.61 for a shipment because my Discover Card declined the charge.  The invoice is made out to Clayton Cramer LLC.  I have no LLC. 

The shipper is listed as Antonio Ruperto, 1100 Charlotte Ave., San Jose, CA 95124. 

This 15 pound package was Overnighted to Kazeem Omotayo, 12011 Westbrae Pkwy, Houston, TX 77031.  That name....Nigerian prince, perhaps? 

Lifelock says that I should make a police report to the Houston Police.  San Jose Police would make more sense to me.  So my question: Will San Jose Police Department consider credit card fraud worth their while or will higher priority crimes (like thinking badly of the transgendered) take precdence?


  1. Clayton:

    Be absolutely certain the invoice is actually from Fed Ex and not some 3rd party bill collector masquerading his communications so as to mimic Fed Ex.

    If you start receiving invoices from a 3rd party bill collector the notice is supposed to, according to the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, state so clearly on the document.

    But if it does, you only have 30 days to dispute the validity of the claim, otherwise it is deemed valid and you've found yourself in a worse world of hurt. When you dispute it, put it in writing (not email) and send it Certified Mail with a Return Receipt Requested.

    I'd recommend sending a written (not emailed) letter Certified with RRR, to Fed Ex advising it that CC LLC does not and has never existed and that you have never done business under such name. Also, state that you dispute the validity of the charge.

  2. I absolutely think you should alert Houston Police too! Police departments have very different ideas on priority and one might take action where another doesn't. Go for it all!