Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Scam? Or Missent Email?

Hi Clayton,

Congratulations on your new position with Arconic that will begin on Wednesday, January 2, 2018.

As you know, one of the criteria for employment as stated in your offer letter is having a pre-employment physical and drug screen. Your physical is scheduled for Friday, December 14th at 3:00 pm. For this appointment, you will need to bring a photo ID.

Another one of the criteria for employment as stated in your offer letter is successful completion of a background check.  You will be contacted via e-mail by Sterling Direct, the vendor who conducts our background verifications.  You will submit your application in an on line system and indicate your approval by using a "wet signature" feature in Sterling's Online portal site.  So please be on the lookout for this email.

Attached you will see four files. Below I have instructions for each. If you prefer, you can pick up hard copies of all the attachments at our Washington location.
US Export Control Form: This attachment is required for our site since we are a ITAR facility. This form must be completed and returned to the HR department at RTI/Arconic  prior to your orientation.

New Hire Paperwork: This attachment has three forms. These forms must be completed and returned to the HR department at RTI/Arconic  prior to your pre-employment physical. Our HR team is here from 7:00am to 3:30pm each day. You may also complete these forms and e-mail them back to me if you prefer.

Pre-Employment Physical Information: This form is for your records. This has all the necessary information for your pre-employment physical appointment. As stated, you will need to bring a photo ID to your pre-employment physical appointment.

Arconic – Pre-Physical Paperwork: This form must be filled out prior to your physical and will be given to the doctor. Please make sure you bring the completed form to your pre-employment physical appointment. This will not be returned to our site.

Arconic requires metatarsal safety shoes. Below are a few options for these metatarsal safety shoes.

The requirements of the shoes are as follow:
  • steel-toed or composite metatarsal safety protective footwear that MUST meet the ASTM F2413 Class 75 Standards
  • Impact (I/75)
  • Compression (C/75)
  • Metatarsal (MT 75)
  • Electrical Hazard (EH)

We reimburse up to $100.00 for each pair and allow two pairs per calendar year. We have three options for these shoes.

Option 1: You can choose from our preferred vendor, Sid Boedeker, by visiting their location, information below.  We will do a payroll deduction for the difference between the price of the shoe and the $100.00 allowance. (NOTE: If you choose to visit the vendor’s store you will not be charged at that time)

 Store Information:
  • 6822 Hazelwood, St. Louis, MO 63134
  • 314-522-8180
  • Store Hours
    • Mon-Thurs – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Fri – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Sat – 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Option 2: You can review the attached catalog for safety shoes from our preferred vendor, Sid Boedeker, and order a shoe from this catalog by sending an email to Kathleen.Sahm@Arconic.com with the shoe style, size, and width. Note: We are not responsible for shoes if they do not fit. If you would like to exchange or return a shoe, you will be required to visit the Sid Boedeker store.

Option 3: You can purchase your shoes from any department store that carries metatarsal safety shoes, but they must meet the above mentioned requirements. If you choose this option please make sure that you bring your shoes and the receipt the day of orientation so that the Safety Department can approve them before your start date. The receipt will be submitted to accounting for reimbursement up to $100.00. (NOTE: Please keep in mind that if the cost of your shoe is $100.00 or less you would only be reimbursement for the amount on the receipt.)

One piece of documentation that you will need to complete in advance of reporting to the location is an I-9 form, which is required by the US Government Department of Homeland Security to verify your eligibility to work in the United States.  Please complete this information online using the link below:

Before you logout, please review the list of employment eligibility documents you will be asked to present on your first day of work.  Note: The list of documents varies based on to the citizenship status you entered in Section 1 of your I-9.  You will be required to bring original unexpired documentation with you for our onboarding meeting (I’ve also attached is a list of these acceptable documents).

As part of your orientation, we have scheduled the HR Session of your Onboarding process.  This meeting will be to complete required personnel and payroll paperwork, discuss benefits and the new hire benefit enrollment process, and review important policies and procedures.  This meeting is scheduled for your first day of work on January 2 at 7:30AM.

I am also including a link to an external site that will allow you to review the benefits offered to our employees.  This site does not include prices; however please take some time to review the plans available to you so you can bring any questions you might have with you on your first day.  Also attached is a Summary of Benefits which you may find helpful prior to our meeting.    

I also wanted to share a resource to help you in your transition to Arconic, which will help you in navigating the many resources that are available. 


Please let me know if you have any questions, or need additional information.

Sara Hembry
HR Specialist
1701 W. Main Street
Washington, MO 63090
1-636-239-7816 (ext. 190107) Office
Arconic.com | Sara.Hembry@arconic.com

UPDATE: It was a missent email.


  1. You lucky guy, you landed a job with Arconic. I tried to just get an interview with the Arconic facility in Waco starting last year. Must be all those posts on your machining skill, not to mention programing capability for CNC machines.

    Arconic used to be Alcoa Fasteners. I knew their products very well in the aerospace business. I would say its a computer glitch that only shows why these companies can't find anyone. People with experience don't get even a job notice, while people with no experience get actual job offers. The Washington MO address is real, there is a division there.

  2. Your new position began in January 2018. You are quite late.