Saturday, December 8, 2018

When Spam Really Stinks

Dear Valued Customer,  
Apple iMac, MNEA2LL has shipped.
Order ID 48539730866
Approximate Arrival:
Dec.  15, 18
You can view more details with the "Tracking Editor"
 Oder Details
Shipped to:

Total Before Tax:
Tax Collected:
Shipment Total:
Tip: Signature required upon delivery.
Thank you. LLC
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Of course, I ordered nothing of the sort, nor was I was stupid enough to click the "Oder Details," link.


  1. There are links in the post that appear to be spam type, such as the 'here' in 'Your invoice can be accessed here' points to ''. Did you change them to something benign before posting?

  2. No. Anyone that reads this post and clicks a link in it is not reading carefully enough.