Sunday, December 9, 2018

Today's Joyous Machining Discovery

A couple weeks back I mentioned my discovery that tapped holes should be lightly countersunk.  The funnel helps direct the screw into the threads.  Today I was doing a mass production of sleeves for ScopeRoller, and I looked carefully at the tap/drill combo that I use for 1/4"-20 holes.  What is that above where the tapping threads stop.  It appeared to be a countersink.  Sure enough, when I took the tap/drill combo all the way down to the surface, there was a slightly unpleasant clatter, but the holes are now countersunk.  The screws slide right into the threads.  That is one less step that I need to perform when making these.  That's one less tool change when making them, and to be blunt, my countersinking was not beautiful.  Worse, after countersinking, I usually needed to tap the hole again.

Let me again sing the praises of Tapmatic.

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