Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Do These Bizarre Church Symptoms Bug You?

Are We Bored With Jesus?
Gold dust.  Angel feathers.  Smoke machines.  Jewels.  Fire tunnels.  People laying all over the floor.  "Sunday Experience" instead of "Sunday Worship."  Churches with names that don't sound like churches.  New revelation.  Progressive revelation.  Branding.  Logos.  Stage lighting.  Healing ministry.  Deliverance ministry.  Big time buildings.  Big time budgets.  Big time pastors.    
Have we in America become bored with Jesus?  
When did He manifest gold dust, or any other "heavenly" props?  When did He create "experiences" for His listeners?  When did He speak with any other label other than what the Old Testament had named the Messiah?  When He speak without the Old Testament as THE reference?  How did He succeed other than by word of mouth?  When did He have an event that singled out one area of ministry, and did only that, such as healing?  


  1. So much so that I go to the early service on Sunday, which has no music, very little pomp. And of course, the older language, which I prefer. (Episcopal Rite I)

  2. She said it! Perhaps the worst offender was when visiting a friend I went to their church. In the foyer, a coffee shop (free coffee) with all the foam and sugar ingredients that they whip into a regular cuppa joe. Honestly, I thought it was a Starbucks.

    Spot lights shining randomly over the congregation, a fog machine, a constant low rumble which sounded like thunder in the distance. The pastor wore designer jeans with an untucked button down shirt. No Bible, no notes, no Power Point (thank you Lord for no PP), he just spoke whatever came to mind. His ramblings did sound biblical but I was ever distracted by trying to understand what point he was trying to make, if he was going anywhere with his 'sermon'. I did not hear one complete verse from scripture.

    Another time while traveling I attended Sunday morning service. The entire two hours were just people shouting out whatever pray of supplication that came to mind. Why did I stay for two hours of that? Because I want to be sure that I don't miss the good part. That means sometimes I find there is no good part. It was not edifying or encouraging.

    Then there is the 'blended' worship which tries to please everyone but ends up pleasing no one. Not that to please is the objective but what good is it when people turn off their ears?

    I've shown up all prayed up and ready to hear God's word. Instead I hear a twisted gospel gotten from someone's imaginative interpretation of scripture. Church attendance is down not because of 'competing' interests but because of not sticking to speaking from God's word. The church by and large has put itself in competition with the world, on the world's terms. Very sad.