Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Advantages of Reading the Complaint Attempting to Block the Bump Stock Ban

Congress cannot ban rubber bands (well they could but I do not think Staples would allow it), but they can ban semiautomatic rifles.  Banning bump stocks is certainly less burdensome to gun owners than banning semiauto rifles.  Time to stockpile hefty rubber bands!

The complaint is here.

And amazingly, YouTube has not taken it down.

Darn: Amazon does not seem to have woodland camo rubber bands.


  1. I thought of posting this on my Facebook page for my anti-gun friends to see.

    But I knew their response: "see, all semi-automatics should be banned, because of how easy it is to make them into machine guns!"

  2. Thanks for posting that, Clayton. It was a fascinating read, and if facts, reason and logic have anything to do with the Court's decision then it's a slam-fire, oh sorry I meant slam-dunk, decision: bump stocks do not make a semiauto into a machine gun.

    Unfortunately most Courts these days operate from emanations and penumbras that require special powers to determine, and often they produce results that reveal naked Emperors to be well-clothed; to the Court's perception, not mine.

    One part I found most interesting was this: "ATF has failed to provide any evidence that a “bump stock”, “bump-fire stock”, or a “bump-stock-device” was ever utilized in a single crime. As the putative use of a bump stock in the Las Vegas shooting is the purported underlying basis for this rulemaking (83 Fed. Reg. at 13443, 13444, 13446, 13447, 13452, 13454) the lack of evidentiary support is mind-boggling and constitutes a serious procedural error, as the absence of such evidence supports that there are no verified instances of a bump stock being utilized criminally and neither ATF nor FBI have confirmed the use of a bump-stock-device in any crime. 43"

    The Las Vegas shooting remains in an impenetrable fog of deception, and I'm not the only one who doesn't believe a word of the official narrative. I'm also not the only one who thinks the ATF is a criminal organization, and has been for a very long time!

  3. It is - truly, clearly-self-evidently - an insane world we now must dwell within -

    The laughably-idiotic notion that - somehow - the banning and (clearly-unlawful and legally-unjustifiable) confiscation (without even any consideration of any sort of compensation - much less, any justification whatsoever!) of any and/or all "bump-fire" devices, stocks or otherwise, will do anything whatsoever useful towards "public safety" is clearly quite deranged.

    Not that it's going to make one even-slight whit of difference - but I have to consider this latest move by - ultimately - the rabidly anti-firearms nutcases to be among the greatest insanities of the entire misbegotten morass of "gun control"; this is, truly, the very nadir (so far, that is) of utterly-pointless and corrosively-senseless anti-firearms demonization and gim-crackery - the very lowest depths of utterly-useless and totally-ineffective demagoguery...

    J. S. Bridges, Jr.
    December 19, 2018