Sunday, December 16, 2018

I Hate to Give Credit to Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

But this video is troubling:

This video says 300 rounds in two minutes as a series of bursts. If this was being done with a belt fed, why stop firing?  He would not have exhausted his belt.  Most of these sound like 5.56mm, not 7.62 NATO.  The later bursts are very inconsistent--not what I would expect of a beltfed weapon, but a bump stock used by someone now tired.

This video provides an explanation of how they work.  How you would distinguish this from a belt fed by sound eludes me.


  1. From my experience with bump fire stocks, the rate of fire is inconsistent and tends to speed up as the magazine empties. It can be controlled by a proficient bump fire shooter, I'd imagine, but I aways had it start out with a low rate of fire and increase at the end. What I hear in the audio, and I admit this could be just me, is that same inconsistent rate of fire; not something characteristic of a belt-fed gun.

  2. There were other recordings that were not overshadowed by crowds screaming. I don't need to hear processed sound files. Makes it easy to play with the data. No good reason to chose an unclean/messy recording like this.

  3. I spent a few minutes trying to find such audio. If you can point me to some... As you might expect there are hundreds (thousands?) of items on YouTube about this.

  4. Yes, it would be good to have that available. I don't find the transition in the audio convincing... it could be caused by software switching modes when the person doing the recording moves or someone gets in the way of the sound, or gets out of the way.

    I'd like to have the audio to play with.

    When I heard the audio on initial media reports, I thought it was too regular for a bump stock. But... I haven't heard many bump stocks, so I don't know.

    More data would help.

  5. Clayton,
    I haven't looked at them since a few days after the event. At that point, there were a number of very good ones on the web, not only at the venue, but other locations, including one parked right under the windows being used. I'd guess that everyone and their grandmother has loaded something by now. And, I've heard that a number of those good early ones were taken down unwillingly. I thought I had bookmarked some, but nothing shows on my system, except this: