Thursday, December 20, 2018

Those Poorly Educated Deplorables

 California ranks No. 1 among the 50 states for the percentage of its residents 25 and older who have never completed ninth grade and 50th for the percentage who have graduated from high school, according to new data from the Census Bureau.
Okay, Texas is #2 but California #1?  Impossible!  They are a solidly blue state!


  1. Recent immigrants from a certain nation south of the Republik don't tend to be well-educated, and much of the population growth there is from said immigration (legal and illegal).

  2. The 2020 census is liable to be a real eye-opener on how things have changed since 2010 or even 2000.

  3. Californians these days may not be well-educated, but we are very well brainwashed!