Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I Have Seen This Video Before, But It Is Too Good to Lose

Weather Underground: the organization whose leader Obama went to for permission to run for Illinois legislature:


  1. Yep!

    I knew a former coworker who was the other Vietnam veteran (other than myself) at the company. I knew he was pretty far left, and he knew I was pretty conservative.

    On his last day before retiring, he told me that he would have been a member of the Weather Underground except for an unexpected event that caused him to leave Chicago when it was being formed. He had been an acolyte of Bill Ayers and believed in what he was doing.

    I asked him about the bombings, and he told me that he still believes that they should have used *more* bombs!

  2. You're probably gonna want to find a different uploader... Check out the rest of the guys videos... he's a neo-nazi.

  3. Unfortunate. I need to get whatever version of YouTube Downloader still works and copy it. Thanks for the warning.