Sunday, December 9, 2018

One of the Weirdest Things I Ever Tried

The world's lowest grade fiberglass.  That's a construction tube used for pouring concrete columns which I then coated in fiberglass and epoxy, sanded, painted, and put together.  It worked but did not remove enough weight for that miserable little mount.  The original tube:
 Part way through pseudo fiberglassing it:

Supports while epoxying, sanding, and painting:

During the epoxying process:

Mounted by straps to a Losmandy dovetail:

Assembled on a Celestron CI-700 mount:


  1. Looks good.

    As for the imperfections you see, remember that you spent a week (weeks?) within 6 inches of that beast. Step back and admire your handiwork!

    OK, why not a Dobsonian mount? I thought with computer control you could achieve the same movement controls. Or is that a myth?

  2. Zendo: Those optics are now in a Dob that uses an equatorial platform to track across the sky pretty darn well. That was about one weekend, I think.

  3. Well, that looks pretty good to me!

    I hope you were playing Tubular Bells while constructing it: