Friday, December 14, 2018

The Lamestreamers Are Intent on the Idea That Cohen's Payments to Stormy Daniels Are a Campaign Contribution Violation

But the law shows that Trump has no risk.  If Cohen's payment to Stormy Daniels was a contribution to the Trump campaign (a very questionable claim by itself), then Cohen broke the campaign contributions limit--not Trump.  If Trump gave money to Cohen as a way around campaign contribution limits this is no crime.  Candidates can give as much as they want to their own campaign; why give money to Cohen to give it to Trump's campaign?.


  1. There are a reported 400 sealed payoffs by members of Congress (paid with taxpayer dollars) to quiet sexual abuse accusations.

    How are each of these NOT a payoff to attempt to influence an election?

    Why are these congresspeople not being investigated, prosecuted, tried and imprisoned?

  2. Clayton,

    The mistake that well intentioned people continue to make is to presume poor reasoning or hypocritical ethics on the part of the entire schema that is positioned against President Trump (specifically) and any semblance of (generally) principled thought and behavior.

    The same well intentioned people are hindered by a self-imposed foolish naivete regarding the intention and actions that the statists will utilize in their war. "Normal" people do not comprehend that 1. There can be no charge of hypocrisy when your opponent already does not honor any immutable code or rule for thought or act. They are not acting against their principles, because they do not possess any except for one. That leads us to point number 2: The only principle is to win. There is NOTHING that is off the table, or too evil for them to use to accomplish their goals. All tactics and any strategy is their principle: "By any means necessary" used to be on their Tee shirts. Now it is in action.

    If you cannot imagine the most horrible evil and then perpetrate that upon anyone to achieve your goal, you will always be left gape-mouthed when you see that was last week's news, and the next even more horrible evil is on the horizon.

    Remember what Christ's enemies said when He raised Lazarus. Instead of surrendering to the reality of Someone raising the dead, their response: "Now we have 2 men to murder."

  3. Yes, good questions; sadly we don't seem to have a rule of law anymore, so these persecutors (they're far beyond mere prosecutors)can make any charges they want, and the accused has no better option than to plead guilty to a non-crime.

    Similarly the Mueller gang of thugs want to prove "collusion" to damage Donald Trump; again, that's not a crime, but it no longer seems to matter.