Monday, December 17, 2018

I Understand That Newspapers Need Ad Revenue to Stay Alive

But the time to load ads and even block them with ad blockers is making many newspapers unreadable online.  Yet their advertising is based on page views.  At some point, casual readers will stop.


  1. Another issue with online print media, aka "soon to be dead newspapers" - it seems none of them are smart enough to identify where the paper is located; they may know their delightful burg is in Kansas, but the rest of us have no clue where Podunk Village is, much less where the Sunny Acres subdivision might be. That makes whatever "news" they may be relating less than useless.

    I suspect the reason is that holding a position on a local newspaper precludes any knowledge or understanding that this newfangled internet-thingie may cross geographical boundaries, and that a world might exist beyond the city limit sign.

  2. Indeed.

    I also find it quite annoying when I link to some newspaper, somewhere, and cannot determine what city or state it is in....


  3. Especially annoying when it is a subscription based paper!

  4. Fidel and No Name: really frustrating when you need it for a footnote. And newspapers that hide that this online news is from the print newspaper, like