Saturday, December 22, 2018

If Congress Won't Build the Wall...

We will.  There is a GoFundMe page raising money to build the wall.  So far

$14,902,364 of $1.0B goal.

I have long thought that people should whatever programs they consider important.  I am sure the Pentagon would be funded; National Endowment for the Arts; NPR; PBS would likely close up shop if the rich people who support these things were the only funding source.  They will not turn the money over until the government signs a contract that the money will be used for the Wall.

Since I started typing: 

$14,909,154 .

Do your bit and tell me in the comments.


  1. I threw in a few bucks, sighed his petition, and wrote President Trump. Donations to the wall have slowed since the House voted for the wall but may pick up if the Senate refuses to follow.

    This all might be for naught though. There is a bill in the house to institute a wall trust fund, which is where the GoFundMe money would surely go. If it doesn't happen before the Demonrats take over, it won't happen.

  2. This will not be permitted to accomplish the given purpose. The money will be one or some of the following: 1. returned (minus the admin fees) 2. Diverted into the general fund if given to government 3. Used for something other than "Wall".

    If the CinC (POTUS) wanted to, he could immediately 1. Declare the southern border to be a grave national security issue, and therefore 2. command the United States Naval Construction Battalions (Seabees), Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCBs) and Naval Construction Regiments (NCRs) as well as the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to build the wall immediately.

    He could Federalize various National Guard units for appropriate security during the building process.

    He could call in the CoS's of the USA and USN and tell them how, where and when he wants it done, and if they execute their orders as given, "deliver your resignation and I will find someone who will".

  3. Mattis was a General officer. You do not obtain that position without being very political.

    I am not minimizing his military competence, but he is a globalist in his outlook. If war is needed, my counsel is to obtain the political courage to make a Declaration of War by order of Congress. After all, that is what the law (The Constitution) provides. Make Congress own it.

    Our government operates (in this area) with a civilian (POTUS) as the Commander in Chief of the military. Jim Mattis once told subordinates "Quit your talking and execute the orders you have been given."

    He apparently does not enjoy that premise when the situation is reversed.

    Why I say that he does not enjoy it is because one thing a professional military officer does not do is to write a public written letter of resignation. Your reasons are between you and your commander. Instead, he wrote and publicly aired his grievances.

    He was a good General. He, like other humans, is also subject to Laurence J. Peter's axiom.

  4. And it is articles like this:

    that are engendered by action like Mattis' letter.

    Imagine that it is true that professional military officers know that part of their comportment is to actually execute that which the populace by a duly elected President commands.

    Then square that with "military members who are trained to take orders, salute and move ahead were stunned and a bit shaken".


    Is that what it takes to shake them?

  5. I think Mattis resigned for the reasons in his letter - he is upset about the Syrian pullout.