Monday, July 9, 2018

Why the Left's Campaign To Destroy Civics Education May Not Even Be in Their Interest

9/12/18 Annenberg Policy Center:
The annual Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey finds that:
  • More than half of Americans (53 percent) incorrectly think it is accurate to say that immigrants who are here illegally do not have any rights under the U.S. Constitution;
  • More than a third of those surveyed (37 percent) can’t name any of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment;
  • Only a quarter of Americans (26 percent) can name all three branches of government.
I shudder to think what they think "equal protection" means. 


  1. First they have to know what "equal" means.

    Looking at the state of education, er, indoctrination, common in state run public school, I shudder to anticipate the answer.

  2. The scene in the Scofield Man for All Seasons in which Thomas More defends the idea of giving the devil the benefit of law comes to mind, only here William Roper has cut down all the laws and traditions and knowledge of the Constitution and its protections of liberty for all.