Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Broomsticks: The Safety Gun

7/10/18 U.K. Sun:
GERMANY'S military is so underfunded its troops used BROOMSTICKS painted black as mock weapons during a Nato defence exercise.
But the highly embarrassing episode, revealed in a leaked report, is just the beginning of the country's woes as it fights to reverse chronic army shortages.
Priorities, Germany.  When the Italian Army matched past Mussolini in review he apparently muttered to a friend, "Once we were Romans."


  1. "This is my boomstick! er broomstick."

  2. There's a joke here about "Bangity Bang Bang, Stickety Stick Stick".
    I doubt Germany has the manufacturing capacity to come back from sticks labeled "Rifle" and trucks labeled "Tank" in two years as America did after the Army exercises in Louisiana in 1940.