Thursday, July 26, 2018

When Racism Merges With Incomphrehensible Language Abuse

7/25/18 Campus Reform:
In response to concerns over the lack of minority educators in K-12, especially as schools are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, Lewis argues that “the question of whiteness cannot be avoided if we are to continue to uphold the idea of educational equity and equality.” 
To address this, Lewis urges educators to develop a deeper understanding of whiteness. Though previous scholars have conceptualized it as an “experience” or a “feeling,” Lewis suggests that whiteness is better understood if one considers its geometrical dimensions.
Lewis posits that there is a “corporeal geometry of whiteness,” and that what emerges from his analysis “is a description of the aesthetic dimensions of discrimination through the geometric deployment of lines (that maximally extend white bodies into space) and an angle of vision (that constitutes totalized and rigidified racial hierarchies).” 
“Race is lived through an aesthetic geometry of lines and angles that connect and disconnect bodies on a pre-conscious level,” Lewis asserts, adding that “whiteness is a kind of one-dimensional way of being in the world.” 
What was it that physicist Hans Bethe once said?  "This isn't right; it isn't even wrong."


  1. A classic example of "blackety-black black black."

  2. Too many long words. Sounds like someone is trying to establish his intellectual superiority over the reader.

    THAT may be the definition of "Whiteness" ...

    ... and by the way, don't blacks use argot to distinguish themselves from whites?

    Not that I care all that much one way or the other, but this sounds just like one huge racist comment.

  3. It is, as Tamara Keel has said, "Not just wrong, but fractally wrong."