Friday, July 13, 2018

Easily the Most Disturbing Video I Have Yet Seen

Go here to watch FBI agent Peter Strzok make a face that screams, "What's wrong with you?"  Is anyone surprised at his statement that he was going to "stop" Trump from being President?


  1. If I were conducting an interview of a person suspected of criminal activities, I would interpret that body language as a type of "monkey dance" displaying that the dancer felt impervious to consequences and is communicating a "we both know this is all theater, and there is nothing you can do to me...".

    He is reflecting the reality of the situation. If there were potential or pending criminal charges, he would be taking the 5th, full stop. He knows this is all kabuki and the facial/body language is the equivalent of a little child saying "nah, nah, nah, you can't catch me" to someone in a wheelchair yelling at him.

    He knows that legislators have zero enforcement/prosecutorial power, and that the current DoJ will not put him in the dock because he will take many more down with him. He is teflon and he knows it.

  2. A good summary

  3. Many are saying he appears to be demon-possessed; you can see on his face the "horns" in many of the pictures.

    I've never been a believer in demons, but this guy is something else, and he's frighteningly evil both in his deeds and his appearance.

    He's certainly not normal, and if he was attempting to just look natural & act like he's just one of the folks, he's missed it by a mile!