Saturday, July 21, 2018

Please: For Your Own Long Term Benefit

Eat less.  I am hoping that enough oxygen to the furnace will increase calorie burn, but it would have been better not to have even reached this point.


  1. Hi my dear brother, I'm thinking, the trick is to eat MORE of all the stuff that has almost no calories, like fresh fruits and vegetables. love, carolyn

  2. The following is not directed personally, just at some of the idiocy that I routinely see and hear.

    People say they "have a gland problem"; it is the salivary.

    People say they "have a thyroid problem"; the gas tank in my car gets empty when I do not fill it.

    People say that they "have a slow metabolism"; pushups from the floor, and pushaways from the table will speed it up.

    People try all kinds of excuses and/or weight loss methods except the one that works: eat less and move more.

  3. Hence my suggestion about eating less.

    There are vegetables I can eat and even enjoy (in some strange sense of the word), but the core problem is I enjoy eating too much, and have done so throughout my life.

  4. I'm sure you tried, many times over the years, to lose weight.

    I know I did. As I'm sure most people have.

    The problem is that the advice we get when we try to "eat healthy" is simply wrong.

    The eat-less/exercise more, low-fat, low-calorie, high-carb approach simply doesn't work.

    So people try, fail, and try harder and still fail, and then simply decide that they're just doomed to being overweight.

    The truth is that the advice they're getting is simply wrong.

  5. I second Carolyn's advice, from personal experience. I quickly lost 80+ pounds and 8 inches of girth ending a little over 2 years ago by eating almost nothing but whole fruits, vegetables and beans--but no limits on how much. It turns out that "plenty" of this diet is well under 2000 calories a day and fairly easy to maintain once you're used to it. Don't start this without medical supervision especially if you are on heart or diabetes medicine--My gurus say that your required dosages are likely to be reduced quickly enough to cause trouble if not watched (and I've seen it happen with diabetes). I won't pimp a particular book on your blog without permission, but I'm glad to go into more detail on request.

  6. Either "Eat to Live" or "The End of Dieting" by Joel Fuhrman--basically different editions of the same book. "Presto" by Penn Jillette--not really a diet book, but a story of Penn's rapid loss of 100+ pounds with a more radical version of Fuhrman's diet, still some good stuff. If foul language bothers you, skip Presto. I don't know if I'm typical here, but it wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected and much faster.